San Clemente beach photographer

Best of 2016 ~ Stillness

In reviewing my 2016 images, it became obvious that nature, places and space catch my heart and my eye. These photographs reminded me of the places I've been, the things I found and the stillness and peace that feeds my soul. A couple of years ago my word for the year was spaciousness. I see it as the breathing space echoed in my landscapes and my body reacts by taking in a deep satisfying breath. In these photographs, I see my insides expressing on the outside. 

Best of 2016 ~ Portraits

In California we don't get much rain, or, at least, up until now. This January has been the wettest January in a long time. I think that's a good omen for 2017. Rainy days give me an excuse to sit at my computer and reflect on what I created last year. When it's sunny out, I think I better get out and do something. I've realized that reflecting IS doing something. It's rewarding my creative soul with a pat on the back. It's an opportunity to process and assess all I created for myself and my clients. In my reflection, I found three areas of interest my photography took in 2016: portraits, personal lifestyle and a sprinkling of landscapes and still life photos. 

Below are my favorite portraits of 2016.