San Clemente Photographer

Best of 2016 ~ Personal Work

A wise mentor once told me, "Always have a personal project. It will help prevent burn out and keep you growing." My family life is my personal project. My loves are the reason I started taking photographs in the first place. My intention was to document every day moments that slip by all to quickly; experiences that come and go in a single year. I did two years of a 365 project before I got too concerned with technical perfection, branding and business. I realize now that, yes, sometimes I create a snapshot, but other times my well-trained eye makes art disguised in an every day moment. Also, I see my journalism background speaking through these images. This year, my word is wholeness. My intention is to embrace all of me rather than only the parts of me I "think" are worthy of public view.  I'm realizing that even the parts I tend to deny show up in my work. These photos bring me so much joy. I remember the stories, the love, and the laughter behind them.