The place where heaven and earth meet

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year at the beach. With the summer tourists gone and most people busy with school, work, and fall activities, we get the beach all to ourselves. Some locals call it the hidden summer because of the mild temperatures. But my most favorite part of fall at the beach is the extra-low tides. The water retreats and reveals tide pools, rocks and little puddles perfect for children. The shallow, glassy water creates opportunities for some magnificent reflections. My daughter wore her favorite dress and after an hour she was soaked through to the skin from all the play. She asked me, "Mom, why didn't I wear my bathing suit?" Good question!

For my students and those who are curious, I used my 35 mm prime lens for these photos which allowed me to capture the expanse of the beach and low tide. My aperture ranged from a f/3.2, to f/5 to f/9, to manage the light and keep most of the detail in focus.