A Picture of Perfection

Lately, I've been processing what IT all means. Who am I as a mom, a woman, an artist? What am I really meant to be doing? Is this really enough? I have found clarity in the past few days, but there is just something about the song Try by Colbie Calliat that speaks to the craziness of life in modern America. Why does "doing" seem so much more important than "being"?  Maybe I'm alone, but often when things go sideways I think "what do I need to do to make this better?" I'm just realizing that maybe it's not in the doing but rather in the being that I will find the answers. Being still. Being human. Being vulnerable. Being me.

Often I see my Being reflected in the eyes of my daughters. Their courage, strength and conviction of being inspires me. So today, I honor them in photographs.

Below I offer you the Try music video. In this version, Colbie asked friends to submit photos of themselves with little or no makeup. Each one is beautiful!

If you are a woman or a teen girl, I would love to photograph you and reflect your beautiful being for you in photos. Email me at juliisolaphotography@gmail.com.