A Happy Heart Plays with all of Life's Colors

I started a daily art meditation practice this week. With a palette of watercolors and an art journal, I spent 6 to 8 blissful minutes each day turning off the inner critic and activating my right-brain thinking with color, music and creation. It led me to get out the crayons, paints and paper for the kids too. Since Mari's rather rocky start to kindergarten, I've been looking for ways to engage her after school and help calm her anxiety about the next day. Art did the trick for all of us.

The creator of the 21 Day Painting Meditation (which can be found by clicking HERE) Whitney Freya inspires everyone to stay creatively fit and activate their right-brain thinking through art. So, when looking for a quote to accompany this week's image, I found one of hers:

"A happy heart plays with all of life's colors."