Big Memories of Small Moments

There are places in this life where I feel in awe of the beauty and richness of the world around me. Trail One near San O one of those places. It's a state park less than 10 minutes from my home, but as I walk down the steep rocky path to the beach, I get transported to a forgotten time; a time before subdivisions and freeways, when the native people walked to the shore to fish and swim. On this day, the sky seemed so vast, the water so blue and the sand so refined and soft.

Our good friends came for a visit, so I brought them here to escape the summer crowds and fast food shacks. We ate a fresh, healthy picnic and swam. Then the kids explored the wonders of the park that includes little driftwood huts and rocks that line the shore. No metal or plastic playground equipment here. Just good old fashioned sticks, rocks, sand and imagination.

When life gets loud, this is where I come, to get back in touch with what is truly real and meaningful.

I will find my place in this big world. ~ Unknown

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