Wedding Love and Laughter ~ San Clemente Beach and Family Photographers

In April, I had the good fortune and honor to second shoot a wedding with my friend Rian Otto of Rian Otto Photography. Firstly, Rian is an amazing human being...kind, fun, and professional. I was thrilled when she called to ask me to join her. Then, of course, the couple (Andrew and Katie) was so happy, relaxed and blissfully in love.

In the second shooter role, it's my job to catch all the back story of the day such as what the groom was doing while the bride was getting ready; what the children are doing during the ceremony and what the guests are doing while the bride and groom are off with the lead photographer. I really enjoyed my job! For me, it was a great opportunity to watch for the story and capture it in a beautiful way.

The best part is having a whole day devoted to photography with people who actually expect and want to get their photo taken!! Sounds like heaven to me!

Any are a few of my favorite photos from the day. Thanks Rian, Andrew, Katie and the whole wedding party for a wonderful experience!

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