Before and After: Finding the Light ~ San Clemente Beach and Family Photographer

Last month, I had an amazing group of people take my inaugural Emerging Photographers workshop. During the three-weeks, I taught participants how to shoot in manual mode, read and meter light, choose focus points, and incorporate composition elements. Over the weeks, I've watched each of them grow and their photos improve. I'm so proud of them all!!

Saturday was our final in-person class and we walked around the facility looking for light. I brought my oldest daughter with me to play model so I could show the class what I see when I photograph. We looked for pockets of light, leading lines, framing elements and practiced metering for light.

As I was reviewing my photos from Saturday I found a "teachable moment" and wanted to show them, and you, how finding right light and good composition before you push the shutter button can make any location (Yes! Even your messy house) into an awesome place for a photo. 

The top photo is straight out of the camera (SOOC). I didn't edit it at all, demonstrating that I started with a well lit, well composed image with the right amount of light and dark to make the image beautiful. Then I took it into Lightroom. I cropped it, increased the contrast, changed to black and white, and edited out the chain in the window. That's it...minor changes. 

A photographer emerges when you know how to use your camera, 
see light and incorporate composition elements. 
It's that simple.

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