You Photograph Beautifully ~ San Clemente Beach and Family Photographer

Like snowflakes and water droplets, you are unique. 

Yes, we live on a planet filled with people, but really your sense of humor, beauty and self is 100 percent all YOU. 

I believe this with my whole being. My heart skips a beat when I see a moment of pure authenticity coming out in my photo sessions. And, yes, sometimes it takes a little time to forget the camera is there and really just be. 

Even with my own daughters, often I get obligatory smiles...the "Say Cheese!" look. 

But then I just wait.

I can wait. Eventually, they start to play. Playfulness is such a beautiful thing to capture. That's the STUFF! That's the stuff I want to remember in 5, 10, 20 years. 

It's not the smile or the perfectly coordinated clothes that make a memory. 

It's the spirit that flows from play and interaction. 

It's the authentic laugh or the real tears. 

It's the way one stands or how the youngest looks up to her sisters. 

That's the STUFF!

And I want to remember that stuff. I tell my girls, "Be You!" 

When they get older they might lose their way, getting caught up in society's expectations. If they do, I will have photos to remind them of the silly, beautiful, perfect humans they are.