Re-living Beach Memories ~ San Clemente Beach and Family Photographer

Growing up, my family spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach. We packed up our motor home, drove 2 hours west and parked ourselves on the sand for the long weekend. For me, Memorial Day brings up childhood memories of sunburns, sand castles, big waves, night fishing on the pier and long walks to the harbor with my parents, sister and brother. Honestly, I think those long weekends with all of us crammed into a 20 foot motor home made us as close as we are today.  That's one of the reasons my heart draws me to the beach for family sessions and why I enjoy "beach-style" street photography. Outfits, hair and make-up don't need to be perfect to make a memory. So whatever you do this weekend, I hope it's filled with love and togetherness.

Because I love family beach days so much, I will be offering some summer session specials (say that three times fast!!) make sure you "like" my Facebook  business page to keep up with updates!! I'm also working on a free gift! Yay! Stay tuned...

Happy Memorial Day!!