Life in Loud Week 36 ~ California Family and Beach Photographer

After my middle daughter finished preschool, I went back to school, got my early childhood education credits and taught preschool for two years before getting pregnant with my youngest daughter. When my littlest was ready to start preschool, I chose a Waldorf-inspired school. I loved the Waldorf philosophy about connection to nature and I knew my little one would thrive in that environment. It's been an amazing year filled with wonderful experiences and the May Day festival was no exception. In fact, I think it was my favorite!

We all met at a small cabin nestled by a little creek. To get to the cabin from the dirt road, we needed to cross a bridge over the creek. Miss Linnie asked us all to bring flowers and we used them to decorate the bridge. What a lovely way to welcome everyone to the celebration. While the children played in the ankle deep water, parents chatted. Then we all blessed our food and enjoyed a bountiful potluck that was good for body and soul. Finally, we unwrapped the May pole and sang songs together while walking in a circle. It was a lovely way to welcome spring.

With a heart filled with gratitude, I leave you with this blessing:

"May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day." ~ Irish Blessing

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. ~ Irish Blessing

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