30 Minutes in the Life of a Sea Cave Adventure

"For a photographer, who measure time in fractions of a second, 30 minutes is an extended thought."

And, this is my extended thought for the month of May as I join the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle.

The locals know about this mysterious sea cave located along the cliffs in Dana Point. I had never been, so when a friend suggested a photo walk I was so excited to explore. Little did I know the amount of effort it would take to get to the out-of-view cave. It was definitely not flip flop territory but I wore them anyway. And, I brought my 5-year-old. She was a trooper. When we finally made it to the cave I was surprise with how small it was and how many people were already there. Needless to say we didn't stay long and continued our adventure at the tide pools just outside the cave.

The treacherous walk through rocks and along a steep cliff...

After arriving at the cave we only stayed for a few minutes. It was small and a little too crowded so....

 We left the cave and spent the rest of our adventure exploring the tide pools!!
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