Life in Loud Week 35 ~ California Family and Beach Photographer

This week my carefree, happy girl showed signs of stress and overwhelm. She looked at me with big eyes pleading with me for insight, guidance.

"What should I do?" she asked.
 "Relax," I said. "It will all work out." 
And it did.
But in that moment, I think her world seemed bigger than she could handle.  

I don't remember high school being quite as stressful as it is now. We just took the same classes everyone else did. No one worried about AP this or IB that. No body cared much about what colleges would want or what looked good on an application. We just did what was next to do and did our best. Now our society puts so much pressure on our kids.

Get good grades. 
Take honors classes. 
Do community service. 
Excel at a sport. 
Be happy! 

So this weekend, my carefree girl and I took some time to express how we felt this week. 
We made art and, boy, did that feel good.

We came up with a way to symbolize all the external pressures we tend to get wrapped up in.

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