Life in Loud Week 32 ~ San Clemente Family Photographer


The photography masters speak a lot about inspiration. What inspires an artist to create an amazing photograph? 

Recently, I discovered the work of Josef Sudek. He died in 1976 and lived his life in the Czech Republic. He served in WWI and lost his arm in battle, so when you see photos of him you see this small, hunched, one-armed man. They say he was a recluse so he found inspiration for his photographs in the everyday, mundane things around him; his lunch of a hard-boiled egg and bread or the view from his office window. He created magnificent photos of light and shadow, depth and shape. So this week I challenged myself to look close to home for inspiration. 

Sadly, nothing sparked my creative muse. I felt flat and rather defeated as the deadline for this week's Life in Loud contribution approached. But then, Sunday came and I met my amazing friends at an open space for a photo walk. There inspiration filled my heart. I saw it in the company, the wildflowers, and the sparkling sunshine. This is my sweet source of inspiration, the beauty that surrounds me in nature. Some days it's the ocean, sandy beaches and seagulls. Today it was vast fields, yellow wildflowers and soaring hawks; and, of course, the sweet giggle of my girl in her pink cowgirl boots. For me this brings joy and that in turn feeds my soul and the artist within. I may never be considered one of the "greats" in photographic history, but as long as my art fills my soul and brings smiles to those around me, I'm okay with that.

The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration. ~ Claude Monet 

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