Life in Loud Week 26 - California Family and Beach Photographer

Some of the loudest Loud to overcome is the voice inside my head telling me what's "right" and "good" and "perfect." The good student within who paid attention to photography instructors cautioning about focus, clarity and lighting. The "shoulds" and the "shouldn'ts" rattle inside my mind. Shouldn't shoot in full sun. Should focus on the eyes. Shouldn't chop limbs. Well, like Picasso said, "The chief enemy of creativity is good sense." I threw caution to the wind one afternoon this week while on a solitary walk along the water's edge and decided to attempt some creative self portraits. I laughed at myself! I ran back and forth from camera to pose and back again. I gave up trying for perfect focus. I let everything go and just attempted to create something real and carefree. Below is the result. Even the mistakes have a certain charm, liberating the artist within to create something different.

The chief enemy of creativity is good sense. ~ Pablo Picasso

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