Life in Loud - Week 25 - California Family and Beach Photographer

For Life in Loud, I have been thinking about the kinds of sessions I want to shoot and a lifestyle family session was at the top of my list. There is just something so romantic about two people creating a life together. Yeah, sometimes it's messy and boring and chaotic but mostly it's love, lots and lots of love! So, when my neighbors came home with their baby girl, I found myself on their doorstep saying, "When can I photograph y'all!" They! Well, "soon" happened this week and it was a blast. It turned out their home had great light and wonderful doorways. We played and talked and laughed.

As I was editing their session, listening to Pandora, this Jack Johnson song came on and I knew it was the perfect one to quote this week! Enjoy their session and at the end is the YouTube version of Better Together. I couldn't resist!

Like a shoebox of photographs with sepia-tone lovin'
Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart
Like why are we here? and where do we go? and how come it's so hard?
It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving
I'll tell you one thing
It's always better when we're together

Mmmmm it's always better when we're together
"Better Together" ~ Jack Johnson

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