Featured on Fantastically Flawed

Those of us with cell phones and even a slight grasp on social media know the "selfie." Cell phone users both young and old reach their cell phones arms length in front of them, make a "cool" face or gesture, then post to Instagram or Facebook. But the "selfie," also known in the art world as a self portrait, has a long and prestigious past. Artistic greats like Picasso made self portraits famous a long time ago.

So last week when Fantastically Flawed posted a "Selfie" weekly challenge I thought I would try creating something new. Fantastically Flawed is a photography site dedicated to embracing flaws and imperfections in images. As photographers we strive for perfect focus, composition and poses, but as artists it's liberating to allow for mistakes and imperfections. The imperfections can add dimension and interest.

Many wonderful photographers posted beautiful self portraits. And I was beyond excited and honored to have mine selected in the Top 11 images.

Thank you Fantastically Flawed!! To see the Top 11 images visit Fantastically Flawed.