Featured on 30 Minutes in the Life

Thank you to 30 Minutes in the Life for choosing my tide pool image as one of their Top 5 photos featuring the use of our least favorite lens.

My telephoto lens is the newest one in my camera bag. It takes practice to understand how a lens choice can add to the story I am wanting to tell. In this case, using my telephoto lens allowed me to isolate my daughter's intimate exploration of sea life bringing us back to that moment of childhood discovery. One of my favorite child-development experts, Bev Bos says "If it's not in the hand, it's not in the brain." This image captures that moment of learning and relating to a world that's so much bigger than we can imagine. The rocks in the image speak of foundation, the foundation of learning. And her sweet reflection in the water in front of her offers us an opportunity to reflect on our own childhood experiences.

Images can tell a story far beyond what we initially see. Everything in the frame has a reason for being.

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