Life in Loud Week 6 - Hidden Trestles

For this week's Life in Loud I woke up early on a Saturday morning to explore a part of my sleepy little beach town that few ever see.

Do you know where art resides in your town? I thought I did. I could send you to all the art galleries. But what I didn't know was the amount of amazing art and a living, breathing culture of artists that existed literally below my feet. This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of experiencing the street-art of graffiti that lives hidden from sight, on the giant blank canvas of freeway overpass supports nestled in a ravine once inhabited by native Americans.

And after you are done viewing the Hidden Trestles adventure pop over to my Life in Loud colleague, friend and all-around amazing photographer, Suzie Ziemke.

Photographer Julie Faith has been studying graffiti art for years. She understands how to read and appreciate the messages on the wall and has nurtured relationships with these underground artists. It was such a pleasure learning from her. This wall is completely flat. The three-dimensional bolts are an illusion created by the artist.

Trestles is a world-famous surf spot.
This Saturday morning cars lined both sides of the street next to the trail heading down to Trestles.
Surfers took the long walk or skate down to the waves.

The 5 Freeway connects northern and southern California. We will be traveling below to discover Hidden Trestles.

This is the art that everyone sees.
The wall that faces the well-worn trail to the beach,
a blessing Buddha reminding us of acceptance and compassion.

Words to Remember

Adventurer beware...

Climbing wall

At one point we happened upon some "artists-at-work." They didn't move. They didn't say a word.
I know they were probably wondering how a bunch of tourists found their way into their underground studio.
Every surface is a canvas.

Artists were here.


Treetops Reflected

We saw a rabbit


Love Letters


Our docent

Hidden Trestles

We emerged from the gallery below to Saturday surfers.

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