198 Real Life as a SAHM

Being a stay at home mom is wonderful. I feel blessed to be able to spend time with my kids. But let's be honest, it's been a long summer. I mean, I love summer and all, but after nearly three whole months at home with three kids you run out of activities and occasionally patience. Today, I decided to document the truth behind a trip to Target with a teen, preteen and preschooler.

My willing adventurers, thrilled to be photographed in the parking lot in front of the town's busiest store where we commonly see many of their friends. 

We went our separate ways at the entrance. Little Miss and I went to search for goggles. 

We found the older girls in the shoe department. 

Little Miss found something to do while waiting for her sisters to try on shoes.
Regained Little Miss' interest in the kids clothing department.

We spent about 30 minutes searching for birthday cards and laughing out loud!

Debating the best candy to give as a friend's birthday present. Now-a-days, apparently bags and bags of candy is an acceptable gift for preteens. Who knew?
After the candy, the older girls abandoned ship, pretending they didn't know me. Little Miss was wrapped around my legs crying uncontrollably at this point. Yeah...It was quite a challenge to capture this photo with a hysterical child threatening to throw me off balance. Good times!
We regrouped in housewares. We were able to get ourselves together for a shoe portrait.

No August shopping trip is complete without a stop at the back-to-school section. "How does this bag look on me?"

Make-up mirrors! Hey I know that girl!!

After over an hour, we ended the trip in the pharmacy section with me getting a prescription for Xanax (just kidding!) and Little Miss picking out a treat for being so good. Yep! Band-Aids.