185 Doing Something Good

Sometimes we get the opportunity to be of service in a very special way. Those who follow the blog know about my friend whose husband passed away in May. You have seen the blue hair fundraiser and the paddle out memorial, today you will see what a community can do. Lise's husband Jimmy left her and the kids with lots of love and some pretty big bills. She didn't know how they were going to get paid. The community did. We came together today, raised enough money for her to pay the mortgage for about 5 months and gave Lise the time she needs. My little part was helping with the bake sale, capturing a few photos and getting the word out in print and social media. The bake sale alone raised $500. That's a lot for a group of determined middle schoolers and parents! Above all, we had fun and shared a lot of love. Many of you who follow the blog won't know some of these people, but I think you will feel, or at least I hope you will, the love.