155 Father's Day Serenade

As the sun set on Father's Day today, we were serenaded by Miss K's sweet flute and took a moment to reflect on the men in our lives who make us better women.

My Husband who loves us so completely, making this beautiful life we live possible.
He's always there for us in a crisis whether it's advice or fixing something around the house
And he patiently navigates a house full of girls, keeping calm and carrying on!
My Dad who continues to inspire me to parent with wisdom and unconditional love. 

My brother who has grown into an amazing dad

My brother-in-law who is one of the most generous, kind and fun-loving men I know. 

And, my brother-in-law, who always makes himself available to my kids and fills our home with laughter and music. 

Happy Father's Day men! We love you!