138 Beach Idealism vs. Realism

After a weekend all cooped up indoors, we couldn't resist the beach today. The older girls had nothing on the schedule so we rounded up towels and sand toys and made our way to the beach.

I tend to have this idealistic view of a beach time. I thought we could gather stuff up, run down, spend an hour or so enjoying the beach, walk home peaceful and happy from the exercise and relax for dinner. The walk down was okay, but it all went downhill when our feet hit the sand: sisters fighting, everyone hungry, competition about who I took photos of and when, complaints and tears when it was time to go and a torturous trip back up the hill. It makes me wonder sometimes why I even bother. Then I realized that maybe I need to ditch the idealism for realism and prepare for the worst. Like, if I would have brought the stroller, even though its a pain to push, the walk up the hill would have been less about crying and complaining and more about just getting up the hill. Maybe we're not quite at the free and easy stage where we can just "run down."

Anyway, while we were at the beach, I captured some cool photos. When I was taking them I felt some frustration, but when I processed them I found gems that made it all worthwhile.