118 Table for 5

Going to restaurants when I was growing up, we always needed a table for five. Now I'm older. I have a family of 5 myself. My sister has her family of five and my brother has a family of four. If we all go out to a restaurant now we need a table for 16! It's great that we've grown in numbers and in loves. But today I went home to celebrate the life of a childhood friend's mom. Just me...without the rest of my party. And so did my brother and sister. After the service we went out to dinner and asked for a table for five. It was wonderfully familiar. There is definitely something to be said about going home again and getting grounded in the foundation of who you are. The place where you are loved and valued just because you showed up, both on this day and in this life. I love this group of people and feel so blessed to have had just a few hours to go home again.

Photo credit shout out to Ernie Garrett! Thanks for letting me get in the photo too.