93 First Stop...California Adventure

We decided to take in California Adventure first. Our goal: Visit Cars Land and ride Radiator Springs Racers. We got into the park an hour and a half after it opened and the Fast Passes were sold out! Not good. We spent the next 2 hours in line only to have the ride break down! We got out of line and went to Soaring. Little Miss was finally big enough and brave enough to ride it! I'm happy to report she love it! The day got better. We rode lots of rides. And, in the end, we got back in line for Radiator Springs Racers; waited an hour and a half; and love it! Woohoo! Although...we will never wait in that line again.

In line for Radiator Springs Racers...the first time.

This face says it all. In line for another ride, but I think we were all over lines.

Little Miss was tall enough this year for the bumper cars!

Yikes! Drivers!

My most favorite photo of the day! Spinning on the Lady Bug ride!

Flick's Fliers! All is well with the world!