91 Romance

Today was overcast and gloomy at the beach. While Little Miss did her thing on the swing, I watched, looking for something interesting to shoot. I found a young couple enjoying a moment on the beach and knew that was the moment I was looking for. I got one shot, then they moved. But that was all I needed.

Earlier this week I had a portfolio critique with a photographer I really respect. The critique went really well and she gave me several things to work on. She acknowledged my strengths as seeing and understanding body language and photographing movement. When I look back at my own work those strengths seem obvious now but before she pointed them out, I couldn't quite see them for myself. She also agreed that I am a story teller, rather than a posed portrait photographer.

So here is the story I found on the beach today. The body language says it all.

I also found this cute guy on the beach.