86 Coloring Eggs

In this house, we love to color eggs. We color them all. year. long. Why eat a boring white hard-boiled egg when you could choose from a rainbow of colors? As a result, Little Miss is an egg-coloring expert. As a child, I remember dropping eggs into coloring cups and hearing the dreaded "crrrrackkkk!" My mom would just shake her head and smile, then we would eat those first on Easter. That memory actually makes me smile. Good times.... Well, I'm happy to report that my children are much better at coloring than I ever was. Not one cracked egg in this house.

I love sharing Easter with my mom and dad. My mom always told me it was her favorite holiday and, now, as a mom, I completely agree!

This was the first year we used clear jars to color eggs and I really liked it. 

It's so funny to me how everyone still enjoys coloring eggs. Even Uncle E joined in the fun.