83 Palm Sunday

The church we attend does something a little different for Palm Sunday. The adults get a service filled with the music and message from Jesus Christ Superstar and a New Thought narration. The kids who choose to not watch the show, join us in youth church for their own special celebration. Our youth minister talks to each child individually affirming how absolutely amazing they are and then the children walk down a path lined with cheering friends, flowers and palms.

I helped set up the walkway with photos in mind. And then, just before the first child walked down (my child) I said to myself "emotion." I knew in that moment that I really wanted to capture the emotion of the event. Yes, I set up for good light, got my settings down and knew where to stand for leading lines, but, once all that was figured out, all I wanted to capture was the emotion of the moment. The true heart-felt faces of kids while an adult, who loves them, tells them how wonderful they are followed by cheers by their peers. On the Friday before Palm Sunday, Little D and I went with friends and their daughters to view the documentary for the Kind Project. It illustrated how truly mean children can be to one another. Today, on Palm Sunday, we did a little bit to counter that social challenge and it was beautiful.

When was the last time you looked in someone's eyes and affirmed their value and worth? Just saying, "I see YOU and know that you are beautiful, strong, wise, powerful, creative, joyful, peaceful, and absolutely perfect just the way you are." I think we could do it more often. When those kids walked down that path after hearing those words they walked a little taller. And I think that's what will solve much of what ails this world.