62 Swim Meet

As a kid, I excelled in swimming. None of my children have any interest in water sports, with the exception of surfing, which, of course, is great. Some how my love of swimming missed my kids and skipped right over to my niece. Actually, it's interesting to me that my kids have some of my sister's traits and her kids have some of mine. I guess genes are genes. My niece is an amazing swimmer and today I had the opportunity to watch her swim. She swam one race and nearly won her heat. I was a proud auntie!!

My niece is in the green cap and black suit on camera left.

I caught the dive and I love that the focus is on the water in front of her. The emphasis is on the water ahead, the race to come.

I was so happy I got this photo. My niece is the swimmer closest to the camera and it's almost like a photo finish. You can see how close she is to out-touching the fastest swimmer in the heat.