13 Intentions

Soul Mama in training!
Today I took a Soul Mama workshop designed to help us discover and set our intentions for the year. It was an artistic experience that left me feeling spacious, hopeful and happy. We started the workshop with a blank canvas and the instructions to start creating with paints and clippings but to not get attached to our initial artwork because we would be painting/creating over it. We were challenged to paint for the whole two hours. My artwork went through about 4 totally different incarnations before the end of the workshop. I discovered that knowing that the work is not finished is very freeing from my "gotta get this right" drive. In the end, I came home with a beautiful piece of artwork and a reminder of all that I can achieve this year. The best part of the experience was working along side other Soul Mamas, including Miss K, her friends, and my friends.

Just a note: Check out my friend, Vidette Vanderweide (www.videttevanderweide.com) if you are interested in learning more about Soul Mama workshops!

Soul Mamas come in all ages!

Creating...mine is the purple canvas with the yellow and orange center.

Miss K...creating!

I wasn't the only mother/daughter pair. 

My friend starting over with a new color.