335 Little D's Birthday and New Year's Eve

Little D's 12th birthday was yesterday but since we spent the day traveling and ended up totally done when we got home, there was very little celebration. Today, New Year's Eve, we hosted a combination belated Christmas, birthday bash and New Year's get-together. We have a few little Christmas traditions as a family and I've realized that as long as we continue those traditions, it doesn't really matter if we celebrate Christmas together before, during or after the holiday. I think we could almost celebrate in April and it might still feel like Christmas. So we had the Christmas ham with beets and horseradish, nutroll and plenty of champagne. The kids opened gifts in record speed and then asked "Is that it??" Yep...that was It! At Thanksgiving, the adults draw names. The only rules are you can't pick yourself or your spouse and the gift should be around $50. I think the adult gift opening is my favorite part. Not just because I get to open a gift, but because everyone really takes time to pick special gifts for each other and everyone seems really happy with their gifts.

I tried to be a little choosy with the picture share but there were so many I liked this year...

Can I start opening NOW?!?

Miss K really, really, really wanted a One Direction doll for Christmas. I think she was a little disappointed that Santa didn't bring it. He must have known that Aunt Beth had it covered.

Baby Boy helping his daddy open a gift!

Smiles all around

After the gift opening we celebrated Little D's birthday. Here's Cousin watching the cake closely as we but the candles on. 
Little D's birthday gift opening.