327 We're on Our Way

We are on our way to Idaho for a ski/Christmas vacation. Our first stop was the San Diego airport and the Delta Priority Club lounge. Little did we know at the beginning that our flight would be so exciting. The first leg from San Diego to Salt Lake was easy. But...due to a snow storm...our flight to Sun Valley got re-routed to Twin Falls and we got bussed about 2 hours to our final destination. The flight from Salt Lake was on a little plane. We hit turbulence and Little Miss started yelling..."I want to be on another plane!!!!!" The guy behind her agreed. The big girls closed their eyes and pretended they were on Space Mountain. They thought it was great!!

We were waiting for Hubby to park the car and the light was so beautiful I just couldn't resist. Little D is sitting in front of an airport sculpture.

Clocks in the lounge