226 The glove

This evening Hubby and I were relaxing on the porch when Baby M decided it was time for a little golf. She went to get her gear and returned announcing she needed different pants. Ummmm...I thought. Baby M went upstairs and changed from her sweat pants into denim shorts with pockets for her....GLOVE! She had been watching golf this weekend with her Daddy and noticed that all the golfers carry their glove in a back pocket...and...I am not making this up!

She proceeded to practice her putting with her glove in her pocket, because, as you golfers know, you don't need a glove to putt!

Yes...Baby M has ponytail holders on her ankles. No...I don't have any idea why! I'm sure it has something to do with her sisters, but it requires further investigation.

It ALL about the glove People!