185 Absolutely Awesome Beach Day

One of my objectives this summer was to use our new state park pass to visit some different beaches. Today I decided on the state beach just down the strand from our usual spot. I'm so glad I did. It was like a different world. We had plenty of beach to spread out without crowds squeezing us. The water was beautiful and the waves picturesque. Wild life was everywhere. Even the dolphins came to play and stayed all day. Not only did they swim around, but they also did tricks. Watching them from my beach chair, I clapped after a particularly spectacular jump. We got home and showered just before the summer rain started. It was an amazingly lovely day!

Beautiful dolphins.

The blur of people just to the north of us.

Yes...even at the beach she's upside down. Some boys on the beach were clapping when she did her no-handed cartwheels. Yes...I know...I'm in trouble :o).