160 Teacher Appreciation

I'm feeling overwhelmed with emotion at the moment. Perhaps the significance of the last few weeks and the week ahead is finally sinking in. It's graduation season. As I type those three little words, tears well up in my eyes. Little D is leaving our beloved elementary school and I'm having a hard time with that. It's silly really because I will be back in two short years when Baby M is ready for kindergarten. But today, it feels monumental. This morning I attended the final Las Palmas morning assembly for the year. The 5th graders sang their graduation song and afterwards, while the music was still playing, they walked around to all their teachers (kinder through 5th grade). To say I was touched is an understatement. I could barely see through all the tears. And, it wasn't just me, there was hardly a dry-eyed adult to be found. What struck me the most was how much these teachers truly love and care about these children, our children. Sure, each year they get a new crop of kids, but teachers send a little part of themselves with each and every child they touch. They deeply want our children to be well and happy and prepared for the rest of their education. I saw it in the teachers' faces today as each one hugged Little D. And, it wasn't just a polite, brief hug. These teachers hugged her, and other children, as they would their own. Las Palmas is definitely a special little school, filled with very big hearts. I feel so blessed that these special people helped me raise my daughters for the past nine years.

Little D and one of her second grade teachers.

Little D and her 3rd grade teacher.

Little D and her 4th grade teacher.
Little D and her 5th grade teacher