139 Middle School

Tonight we went to Miss K's last middle school open house. It seemed so much less crowded than in years past. Maybe fewer 8th grade parents go to open house. Anyway, we wandered from class to class meeting teachers and admiring Miss K's hard work. Little D will be starting middle school next year and she came with us tonight to get a feel for the school. We did things we hadn't before, like visiting Miss K's locker and taking a peek inside. We even went in the PE locker room. Little D commented on the odd smells in the science class and locker room...yep, that's middle school!

The science class with the weird smells offered experiments for kids to explore. Miss K was demonstrating mass.

Well, at least Miss K is consistent...both her room and her locker are a mess.

Little D offered to help organize her sister after seeing the sad state of the locker.

Middle school PE locker love. :o)