131 My Mother's Day

For years, maybe even a decade, Hubby has been gone for Mother's Day. He has this tradeshow every single year. When I went with him and called my mom from across the pond, it was okay. Then, when I became a mom, I felt differently. When the girls were small I went to spend the weekend with my mom and dad. As the girls got older and school became a part of our lives, things changed. I ended up spending my Mother's Day weekend like most other weekends when Hubby is out of town. This year was different. This year, the girls were old enough to make Mother's Day extra special and they did just that. I felt cared for, loved beyond measure and definitely special. I am a very lucky Mom!

I woke up to fresh brewed coffee delivered to me (when I woke up and not before) in bed.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and croissant soon followed.

Presents included coupons for free babysitting, the very best gift ever in my book!

Because the weather was lovely, they took me to the beach!

Even though the beach was pretty crowded, we found a perfect patch of sand and enjoyed the day!