130 Mother's Day Celebration

A few years ago, our family decided to spend the Saturday before Mother's day being the children honoring our Mom. Then on Sunday, we get to be the parent and let our children celebrate us. It works out great. Today, we celebrated the best mom in the whole wide world, my Mom. She is my mentor, my friend, and the voice of reason and calm in the midst of turmoil. She makes me laugh and think. She is the most well-read person I know and the most amazing cook. She knows something about nearly everything and I know I can count on her to always point me in the right direction without judgement. I even still call her when I'm sick to help mother me back to health. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing example of unconditional love. I love you Mom!

This is one of my favorite childhood photos with my Mom. She was celebrating her birthday and my sister and I (I'm the one with the knife cutting the cake) were helping her celebrate. She is a brave woman to let a 3 year-old cut the cake!
I love you Mom!!

For Mother's Day, we got my Mom an Ipad! Woot woot!
My favorite mothers (from the top left and clockwise): My mom, my sister, me and my sister-in-law.

Me and my crew! I'm a lucky Mom!

My sister-in-law and her babies.

More photos from the day:

A mother's day concert by my nieces and nephew

Adoring fans and PapPap-razzi!


All except Miss K!! She thinks she's so clever!

Lifeguard on Duty


My brother-in-law is the best! He kept the kids occupied while the moms ate! What a great guy!

A few of the children who make mother's day possible! They are crazy but the are our crazy :o)!