123 Date Night

Hubby and I don't get out much as a couple, so you can imagine our joy when we received an invitation for a birthday party with dinner, dancing and no kids! Tonight, was the birthday party and we had a wonderful time. We danced. We held conversations with friends. We ate without needing to feed anyone else. We didn't have to take anyone (other than ourselves) to the bathroom. It was a perfect evening. Because we both looked so darn good (a welcome departure from our Friday evening look) I snapped a few photos for my self-portrait challenge! I forget how fun it is to dress up.

Miss K wasn't nearly as excited about our date night as we were. She made it work though and did a great job. The house was still standing. Everyone inside was healthy and happy. Little D was out with friends when this photo was taken but she returned home later to help babysit. Apparently, she got the honor of changing the messy diaper. Ain't babysitting grand!?!