121 Managing Our Busy Life

I knew I had a busy afternoon ahead of me today. I grabbed my crockpot and favorite slowcooker cookbook and started dumping ingredients into this most magical of busy-mom-dinner-making tools. All day the pot bubbled on unattended making dinner. I sat calmly and peacefully at dance rehearsal as the clock ticked closer to dinner time, knowing the meal was already done. When we got home, literally one foot in the door, the natives got restless and demanded to be fed. I calmly reached for my ladle and dished out dinner. Yay slowcooker! It's times like these that I feel successful. Crazy right? Not an award, not a promotion, not a raise, but successfully managing the demands of a busy life without stress, fear, or panic. If you've had hungry, grumpy, tired children stomping around demanding to be fed, then you know the nightly stress I face. To have it all handled, or at least feel like I have it all handled, is priceless.

What you can't really tell from this photo is that Baby M was crying uncontrollably while I was trying to make dinner. Some times I'm amazed I get anything accomplished!

This is me pretending I don't hear her crying :o). Sometimes success is selective hearing. 
 While we were out running our many errands today, I snapped this. It just speaks childhood to me.