120 Not a Baby Anymore

I hold her like I did when she was a baby and now there is so much more to hold. She barely fits on my lap. Today, we squeezed into our rocking chair for a little cuddle. Her head is on one chair arm and her legs hang off the other. I remember being small and wanting to be rocked, but I was just too big. I think I must have been 4 or so. I remember missing the rocking motion and being held close. That day is coming soon for Baby M :o).

Later we went out to run errands and I needed to kill some time. I found this hiking trail. I took my camera and Baby M by the hand and started walking. We didn't go too far because of a sign that warned of bobcats, coyotes and rattle snakes. I didn't want to go to the emergency room simply because I was looking for a good photo. This one was sweet, though, and I couldn't resist posting it.