119 Self-Portrait Challenge

Today is May Day and the first day of my self-portrait challenge. I'm actually really excited about trying something new and getting in front of the camera for a change. My first photo shoot didn't really go as planned though.

I've decided to start eliminating Baby M's naps because when she naps she stays up to 10:30 or so. I can't stay up that late! So I kept her busy all day. In the late afternoon, I had to take the older girls to dance. My plan was to head over to the beach after dropping them off and take a photo seaside. Baby M protested. She wanted to go to the park. No amount of begging, suggesting, or redirecting worked to change her mind and only made her grumpy disposition worse. I realized there would be no beach photo so I started looking for an alternative. I found this bench nestled among a few trees. Baby M agreed to be in the photo...smiling! Bingo...Day One!