93 Egg Gather

Today we joined my sister-in-law and niece and nephew for her women's club's annual Easter egg hunt. Well, it's actually more of an egg gather, rather than a hunt. They put hundreds of eggs in an open field and let the children loose to gather up to 10 eggs each. I noticed, since there was no need to search for eggs, that Baby M became rather particular in the eggs she gathered. She looked for favorite colors, big eggs and ones with decorations. Everyone looked so sweet in their Easter best. Baby M dressed herself right down to her shoes on the wrong feet. I love her sense of style :o).

Waiting to start the gather! So many eggs scattered about!

Three-year-old style. What you can't see is the extra pair of striped leggings under her purple star skirt/legging combination. Yes, she's very into the layered look, even if you can't see the layers.

Sweet Cousin in bare feet

"Look Auntie! Look at all my eggs!"

"Uh-oh! Lost my Easter bonnet!"

Some jelly beans sacrificed in the scramble.

The best part about egg gathering is eating the CANDY