117 Glasses

For years I've been wearing contact. I have glasses to wear at night or when I travel, but few people ever see them. Well, this week everyone got to see me in my glasses. I had my annual eye exam a few weeks ago and my eye doctor decided to give me a new lens prescription. To save money, I bought a groupon. Well, the groupon company didn't quite expect the high level of demand and my lenses went on back order. "Okay," I thought, "I can wait a few weeks." Then I lost my right contact. I don't know how or when, but one morning I woke up and it wasn't in the case. Ugh! I ordered another pair of lenses from an online source (still cheaper than my eye doctor) and am waiting patiently. My new lenses are expected tomorrow. At the time I lost my lens, I really didn't think I could last wearing my glasses. I did end up buying a little clip-on, sunglasses thing that goes on my glasses to cut the glare when I'm outside. Living without sunglasses was the worst. All in all, I'm making it work, but I will definitely appreciate my contacts when they arrive!