112 ipod generation

I love this photo because it's definitely a comment on technology in our modern life. Here is Baby M playing around with my iPod nano (which in iPod terms is sadly outdated) with an old-fashioned pen and paper on the desk. She's learning how to write her name and, I guess for now, she will need to know how to do that, but do you think in the not too distant future children will be learning how to type their name before they learn to write it? Lately, we've seen parents set up iPads on the dinner table at restaurants to keep young children busy while the adults enjoyed a dinner out. No more crayons and paper placemat to keep kids entertained. We don't own an iPad (gasp!) and, if we did, I wonder if I would use it that way. When minivans and SUVs started coming equipped with DVD players, I wondered what part of childhood children might be missing by not just looking out the window. Then I gave in and we bought a portable DVD player and tried it on a long trip, thinking maybe we would have some peace and quiet for a change. It didn't work for us. My kids got car sick and chose to listen to music and look out the window instead. We ended up entertaining them with travel bingo games. I'm no saint when it comes to technology in my kids' lives. They probably watch too much TV, but when they are in the car or a restaurant, I'm an old-fashioned (the kids might say "mean") kind of mom; only passing scenery and crayons and paper for my kids...at least for now :o).