109 Disneyland Adventure

Even though we live close to Disneyland, we typically only make the journey and the effort to go once a year. Sometimes, the kids get invited to go with friends, which I consider a bonus opportunity. This year we planned our trip to coincide with a visit from my step daughter, her boyfriend and our grandson. It had been nearly two years since we last saw them and we were excited to get to know our almost-two-year-old grandson. It feels really crazy to even write grandson, since I really don't consider myself "a grandmother" and he's only a year younger than Baby M.

We started our day checking into a hotel for one night. Our plan was to "do" Disneyland until we dropped on the first day, spend the night close to the park and then head over to California Adventure on the second day. And...that's just what we did! The first day we got in most of our favorite rides and a couple of new ones. The newly renovated Star Tours, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Small World, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Autotopia, and the Pooh Bear ride were the highlights. We met up with my stepdaughter and her family for dinner then returned to the park to watch the fireworks. In past years, we watched the Firework Spectacular from a distant location, but this year we were right on Main Street and I must admit it was "Spectacular."

This brief encounter with Peter Pan (pictured with Miss K) when we first entered the park set Baby M off. After simply passing him in the stroller she hid under her stroller cover and refused to ride any rides for over an hour.

Baby M came out from under the stroller to ride the Pooh Bear ride but refused to see Pooh Bear himself. We settled for a photo with a honey pot.

For two weeks leading up to our trip to Disneyland, Baby M talked all about being brave enough to go on Dumbo. When we actually reached the ride (soon after seeing Peter Pan) she refused! After the Pooh Bear ride warm up she was feeling brave again. Here we are in line.

Baby M victorious after her maiden Dumbo ride!

Waiting for the next ride!

Uncle E came with us on our Disneyland Adventure. Here we are waiting for the big kids and Hubby to get off Splash Mountain.

We met up with my step-daughter and her family for dinner. Here Baby M is conversing with her nephew.

Being the charmer that he is, Grandson was too cute for the mariachi lady to simply ignore.

Awestruck by fireworks

Baby M's silhouette (on the left) as she watches the fireworks from a perch on Hubby's shoulders.

After the fireworks, we hobbled back to the hotel room. The big girls were in one room with Uncle E as chaperon and Hubby, Baby M and I had another room. Baby M discovered she could call the girls on the hotel phone. Here she is at 11 p.m. making a call. It's so funny to see a phone with a cord.