110 California Adventure

I have to admit visiting two theme parks in two days is not a task for the weak. My feet hurt and I was beyond tired, but the kids were ready to go. After breakfast and quickly packing our stuff, we hobbled back to the parks to visit California Adventure. We started the day by dividing and conquering. Hubby and Uncle E took the older girls to Tower of Terror and Baby M and I watched the Mickey Mouse Club House Show. We hit full speed after that and everyone got to ride their favorites at least once and sometimes twice. Baby M and I rode the undersea-inspired carousel three times while we waited for everyone else to ride Screaming. Our favorite new ride was The Little Mermaid. Because she was tired, Baby M was more clingy and less willing to let me take photos. Here are the highlights.

Baby M actually stood up to dance for part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.

Step-daughter and her family.

Riding a kiddy ride in Bug's Life

I took this while we were in line for Little Mermaid. The girls love the big roller coaster.

Just before we left the park I snapped this to remember Tower of Terror.
We always let the kids pick one item to buy before we leave Disneyland. This year they all bought clothes. Miss K and Little D bought t-shirts and Baby M picked out a princess nightgown. When we got home she put on her new nightgown and danced around the house saying over and over..."Thank you Mommy! Thank you Daddy! I love my new princess nightgown!" I was too done to take a photo but I have a sense it will be in many future blog posts.