82 March Birthdays

Today we celebrated birthdays for Hubby and my brother. They are our March babies...although not so much babies anymore :o). It's always fun to get together. We were blessed with a beautiful day and I was able to snap a few good shots of the kids.

Alert the media!! Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera!
Little photo tip: If you like backlit photos like this one, set your subject up with the sun behind them on concrete if possible. The concrete acts as a reflector and reflects the sun back onto the subject reducing shadows and creating beautiful catch lights in the eyes. To get the sun flare you need to be low. I was laying on the ground when I took this photo.

Miss K :o)

Baby Girl was watching the big kids play wii.

Sweet Cousin J!

Little D :o)

Isn't this the sweetest photo!

Auntie and Baby Boy

Feet in the golden sunlight! This was the randomness after the perfect photo.

Watching...learning...taking it all in.

Hop. Hop. Hop.

Feeding the baby.

Grammie and Cousin J...sweet moment.

Birthday Boys...I mean...Men!

Hubby's having a hard time thinking of a good wish!

Yippeee! time for cake!