81 Community

Today was our elementary school jog-a-thon, but to me it was more than that. It was a gathering of community. Toddlers to grandparents, students to teachers, parents to volunteer Marines, all joined together to run and earn money for this little neighborhood school. In a time of budget cuts, the money earned is very important in the running of the school. And, in a time of political polarization, peer taunting, world unrest and economic uncertainty, it is so nice to see a warm, loving, supportive community. A community coming together for common good and working together like family, caring for each other. I love our little school and the spirit and heart contained within it. I makes my heart glad.

Little D's friends...ready to run!

Little D with her teacher from last year and friends.

Little D's teacher taking a photo of the class.

And they are off!

Little D running hard!

Little D's teacher marking laps on her son (a student in Little D's class)


I love this photo because on the left you see a parent volunteering with a baby in her arms, the teacher marking laps on a student, and a grandpa walking with a toddler in the jog-a-thon. That just screams community to me.

Only a few more laps to go!

Done! She ran 18 laps in 20 minutes and only stopped long enough to get her laps marked. Her whole class really ran hard. They are a dedicated and caring bunch.
As a side note...if you are wondering where Baby M was during all this, well, she was on my lap! That's why you never saw a photo of her. :o)