77 Trip to the Dentist (well sort of)

After having such a fun surprise visit to Pretend City last Friday, we decided to plan a trip instead today and meet up with cousins and Auntie K. This time I was dressed more appropriately and brought snacks...wooohooo! This place is so big that we continue to find new interesting things. Today, the kids discovered the dentist and doctor's office. They were particularly taken with the giant set of teeth. Both girls took turns brushing with the oversized tooth brush. We even did a little flossing.

Baby M showing off her proper brushing skills.

Cousin attempting an extraction...ouch!

She's a very focused dentist.
As we were leaving the pretend dentist office, I noticed a familiar name on the donation plate...it was Little D's pediatric dentist and his wife. Not the office, but the dentist, personally. On one hand, I was proud that my choice in dentist was so civic minded. On the other hand, I thought...We are definitely paying too much for dental care!